My best ceramic cookware blog

Welcome to the website. When I was about 5 years old, my Dad taught me how to fry eggs in a cast iron skillet after the bacon was done. Wow—the grease! It’s good that we don’t use grease today. I stood on a wooden box to reach the stovetop that Dad had put together. My Mom watched me like a hawk frying the eggs as Dad showed me how to use a big spoon to pour grease over the eggs to cook the whites but leave the yolks runny—to make them sunny side up. I did it! Mom thought I was a bit messy, but I was not!

We lived in the country far out from a small city in the Midwest. We grew our own vegetables, berry bushes, strawberries, fruit trees, and had chickens. You will never taste a chicken from the market like the ones running free in the fields where they consume bugs and eat green vegetation for their bright orange egg yolks laid each morning. They came home each night to roost in their straw-lined boxes.

I do use many cooking items, but I clean up along the way so that there is never a dreaded mess to deal with. Mom would be proud of me and she was a good teacher in the kitchen.

As years have gone by, we as a society have learned more about healthy ways to cook. We use healthy oils such as olive, grapeseed, and walnut oils, and many other flavors in the supermarkets. They are pricey, but good health cannot be bought. Oh, and I still use cast iron skillets that are seasoned for making special things like fried green tomatoes, but not in grease!

Today’s best cookware is ceramic coated, available in all sizes, shapes, and colors with lids and the best non-metal utensils to stir, flip, and ladle out the soup. I find foods are fast and easy to cook, and the cookware is easy to clean. The Dutch ovens and large pots are wonderful for preparing a dinner that needs to simmer all day—like chili on a cold day.

This website will illustrate with pictures and graphs with useful information and we will explain the good and the bad—but never ugly about ceramic cookware. The kitchen is indeed the heart of every home—even for single people with friends stopping in. It is so delightful to have familiar aromas waft in the air that bring back memories from the past to talk about with our family and friends.

A great deal of research has been done for you to better understand this remarkable cookware for your kitchen creations. Come visit here often and check out the endless possibilities for great cooking.

Healthy eating and healthy living,