How to Sharpen Knives with Electric Sharpeners

You have recently purchased your beautiful knives and are asking, How can I sharpen these? Stones are not a good solution. Some people still use an upside down mug to rub the blades over. Well, that is a bit counterproductive, since that method will put more dings and nicks in your blades.

With today’s smooth sharp blades for level and easy cutting, you will want to maintain that glistening razor surface with ease and quickness.

Yes, there are three ways to sharpen knives: A whetstone, a diamond stone, or a honing rod also called sharpening steel—and yes, the upside down coffee mug. These methods were used in the past, and are still used by some people today. However, these techniques do not give accurate blade cutting edges. To use a whetstone, you will need to know the angle to hold the knife for sharpening. You could contact the manufacturer for that information for your older knives and that’s a pain to do. You will need oils and will have steel shavings left over. Then again, some carborundum stones are destroyed by using oils. Moreover, whetstones and diamond stones remove metal from the knife’s edge that decreases the life expectancy of the knives—, and it is time consuming to do. More can be said using the old methods, but you get the point.

Today’s advanced and high-tech designed knives do not do well with the older procedures. Sharpening a knife with an electric sharpener puts the right angle to the knifeblade, takes no time, and is easy to do. A dull knife is dangerous and not comfortable to use.

We have evaluated two knife sharpeners here for your consideration. One is battery-powered and the other is powered by electricity. Take some time to read online reviews and see what others say about electric knife sharpeners. These two models are wonderful for ceramic, stainless steel, and any carbon steel knives in the marketplace today.

1. Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener- for Ceramic and Steel Knives

The small and sleek sharpener has a diamond grinding stone #600 grade and is powered with 4 AA batteries (not included). It is perfect for your kitchen or any setting where ceramic knives are used. It will gently remove nicks up to 5mm (a 20th of an inch) from the blade.

The top is removable and the grinding stone wheels are replaceable. The knife slot keeps the blade at the proper fixed angle of 35-degrees. The sharpener is user friendly and provides even pressure on your knives to not remove too much of the edge. With its convenient knife slot and roller, you will have absolute control on how your knives glide through this device. Do not use with serrated knives.

The safety cover keeps the grinding dust inside and you can remove the cover to dispose of the dust occasionally.

This sharpener is designed for Kyocera’s edge that is beveled on both sides. Some brands of knives have only one sharp side. It sharpens and works well with metal knives.

This knife sharpener can be used on steel and stainless steel knives. It is light weighing only 13 ounces. It looks nice left out on your counter top for needing quickly.

Gift-wrapping is available. Instructions and a Lifetime Warranty are included in the box.

2. Work Sharp® WSKTS Knife and Tool Sharpener

When you want to sharpen every knife you own, whether ceramic or metal with consistent results, this is the sharpener for you. The sharpener comes with abrasive belts in fine, medium, and coarse and are easy to change by removing the top. The abrasive belt system for sharpening with guides is well designed for sharp blades with easy use and speed. This unit also sharpens pocketknives, outdoor and hunting knives, scissors, and serrated knives with no difficulty and exactness.

Features of this dynamic sharpener are:

  • Quickly and effectively sharpens any knife of every kind
  • Replaceable grit belts
  • Guides for reliable and constant sharpening
  • No damage to steel blades
  • Provides professional type razor-sharp blade edges
  • Outdoor knife guide provides serrated and scissor sharpening

The USA made black Work Sharp® sharpener weighs 3 pounds and is 13.1 x 8.3 x 8.3 inches in size. It runs on USA 110/120-Volts and plugs into a standard outlet. The 3-foot heavy-duty cord is UL listed.

Gift-wrapping is available. The Work Sharp® knife sharpener comes with 2 P80 coarse belts, 2 P220 medium belts, and 2 6000 fine belts. Included is 1 40-degree kitchen knife-sharpening guide, 1 50-degree outdoor knife guide that includes a serrated knife and scissor guide, a User’s Manual and DVD instructions. A 1-year Warranty on parts and labor is included. The Warranty is for North American consumers.

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