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What are Ceramic Knives?

The best ceramic knives are lighter in weight than metal knives of stainless steel or steel and will not oxidize or wear away as metal knives can sometimes do. They endure acids better than metal and keep their cutting edge needing minimal sharpening. They have no problem cutting meat, fruits, vegetables and some are serrated to slice bread. The knives are not useful for cutting frozen foods or bones and the knives might chip doing so. Being brittle, they can be easily broken if treated roughly, but then, so can metal knives. The ceramic knife reviews outlined here will provide you with information to understand the knives and make an informed buying decision.

Care, Storing, and Sharpening Ceramic Knives

Care—Always cut your food on preferably a hardwood cutting board. Wood is soft and will protect the blade. Some people use plastic cutting boards and they are hard surfaced to damage the knife blade. Additionally, plastic harbors bacteria. Wood does not; its chemical properties kill bacteria, and you need to wash wood and plastic cutting boards with dish detergent under very hot water after each use, especially when cutting raw meat. Never cut on countertops, glass, or marble—this will damage the blade seriously. It’s best to keep the knives separate from other utensils. They wash up by hand with dish detergent and some brands can go into the dishwasher with no problem. Be sure to check the instructions that come with your knives.

Sharpening—Ceramic knives will keep their sharp cutting edge 10 times longer than metal knives. While they do not require consistent sharpening as metal knives need, the blade will in time lose its sharpness. Because the ceramic material is so hard, it is difficult for the purchaser to re-sharpen. The typical honing steel, whetstone or the electric knife sharpeners, including the ones attached to electric can openers are not effective. It takes a harder material—diamond grit electric sharpeners available on Amazon. However, the diamond grit can be expensive, so it might be as well to purchase another knife, since they do last a long time and wear out as all knives do. Read about electric knife sharpeners here.

Storage—Because the knives can chip and become dull, they need to be protected in your utensils drawer not touching other items. It is recommended they be put in the plastic sleeve or blade guard they came in. Some knives come in a wooden block to store each one individually according to size, and this will keep the knives sharp and safe.


Some ceramic knives are safe to put into the dishwasher on the top rack only lying flat and not touching anything that can dull or chip the blade. Be sure to check your instructions from your specific brand manufacturer. They are so easy to clean, so you might not want to risk using the dishwasher.

You might be interested in an electric high-powered diamond knife sharpener for ceramic and steel blade knives. Diamond sharpening wheels are utilized and they are wonderful.

Ceramic and Stainless Steel Knife Brand Reviews

We hope this information will help you when it is time to purchase your next specialty knife or knife sets for yourself or as a gift. Please read about ceramic steak knives and sharpening ceramic knives in our kitchen knives reviews detailed here. Precision cutting is a must for kitchen chemists cutting the perfectly diced onions, the clean colorful carrots cut on a diagonal, using skillfully planned and created knives with you in mind. We base our reviews on positive customer feedback and buying trends.

Summary of 10 Ceramic Knives Reviews

No.Product ImageProduct NameQuantity of SetEditor's Rating

Best Ceramic Knives

Kyocera Ceramic Knives3-PieceRead Review

Kyocera Ceramic Knives Set

Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series Knife Set4-PieceRead Review

Heim Concep Ceramic Knives

Ceramic Knife Set by Heim Concept5-PieceRead Review

Solutionelle Ceramic Knives

Solutionelle Ceramic Knives2-PieceRead Review

VOS Ceramic Knives

VOS Professional Classic Ceramic Knife7-PieceRead Review

MioChef Ceramic Knives

MioChef® Ceramic Knives4-PieceRead Review

Oliver & Kline Ceramic Knives

Ceramic Knife Set by Oliver & Kline 3-PieceRead Review

Checkered Chef Ceramic Knives

Checkered Chef Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set4-PieceRead Review

Cuisinart Ceramic Knives

The Cuisinart® Advantage Knife Set, Bright Colors12-PieceRead Review

Chefcoo Ceramic Knives

Chefcoo™ Kitchen Knife Set Plus Magnetic Strip and Sharpener9-PieceRead Review

 Top 10 Best Ceramic Knives Reviews 

1. Kyocera Ultimate Ceramic Chef Knives 3-Piece Set 

best ceramic knives
Editor's Rating

Kyocera Advanced Ceramics model number SET3PCKNIFE Chef’s knife set is the essential knives to have in your home kitchen or professional kitchen. The set consists of a 6-inch Chef’s knife, 5-inch micro-serrated knife, and a 3-inch paring knife, all with black handles made of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styreneplastic). The blade is zirconium oxide.

The 6-inch knife is functionally perfect for slicing vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat without bones. They fit your hand nicely and are well balanced and lightweight. The serrated knife cuts through those vegetables with skins effortlessly such as cucumbers, tomatoes, and others. We all love paring knives that do the peeling, and trimming—the small handwork such as potato eyes removal and delicate areas.

Discolorations on the blade can be accomplished with a mild baking soda and water solution but do not put on the handle. Always keep your knives in a block or a drawer tray for safe keeping. Do not use these knives on frozen foods, or bones. You will break the blade or snap it off. It could come back into your eyes or cause serious damage to you. Do not open coconuts, squash, pumpkins, or anything with a hard outer shell.

The blade is as sharp as a razor and keeps its sharpness for a long time. Ceramic blades hold their sharpness 10 times longer than carbon steel. Kyocera will sharpen your knives with you sending to the factory and paying the shipping charges.

The knife blades will never brown or discolor your foods because there is no metal. They never rust and will not modify the taste of foods. With its Zirconia Z206 advanced ceramic, you will have a strong, dense, sharp edged blade outperforming the competition.

Gift-wrapping is available for family and friends. You will receive a User’s Manual and a Lifetime Warranty to be free of defects in manufacturing. The Warranty does not cover damage from the knife used improperly. The set is made in Kyoto, Japan.

2. Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series Knife Set, 4-Piece

Kyocera ceramic knives
Editor's Rating

Kyocera International Inc. is an excellent knife manufacturer including this superb ceramic set in red or black. The set is a best-selling ceramic knife set in kitchen and dining on®. What I love best is Kyocera’s lifetime Warranty!

These knives are razor sharp and remain sharp 10 times longer than carbon or stainless-steel blades. They are made of 206 zirconia made from zirconium dioxide (ZrO2; also known as zirconia).

Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Knife SetThe red handle has white blades and the black handle has black blades to harmonize with your décor.

You will receive a 6-inch Chef’s Santoku, 5.5-inch Santoku, 4.5-inch utility knife and a 3-inch paring knife for pulling out the eyes in potato skins. The size is the blade, not the handle included. The knives together weigh a slight 14-ounces.

The Santoku is a general-purpose kitchen knife originating in Japan. It has a flat edge and a sheep foot blade that curves in an angle approaching 60-degrees at the point. The word refers to the three cutting tasks that the knife performs well: slicing, dicing, and mincing. The Santoku’s blade and handle are designed to work in harmony by matching the blade’s width and weight to the weight of blade tang and handle, and the original Japanese Santoku is a well-balanced knife. You’ll love it.

You will never have rusty knives or metallic taste. These resist germs and acids and are safe to use. Ceramic knives are non-magnetic, and do not conduct electricity at room temperature. Just wash in sudsy dish detergent water, rinse, towel dry and put away.

Do not leave knives in the kitchen sink. Always store the knives in a block or tray to prevent accidents. This set does not come with blade sheaths. The blades will not nick if you store them safely.

Do not cut frozen foods or bones with these blades. Do not drop on the floor or a hard surface since ceramic is brittle and they might break. Ceramic knives are more appropriate for slicing boneless meat, vegetables, fruit, and bread.

Different size Kyocera knife sheaths can be purchased cheap here on up to 6-inches long. It’s worth it!

Sheaths offer maximum safety and protection for these knives when stored in a kitchen drawer and are ideal for the traveling chef who keeps knives in a carrying case. The sheath is the perfect way to store your knives to take traveling or when out in the woods in your camping tent.

Kyocera tent

Although a ceramic knife does not need regular sharpening in the same way as steel, its blade edge will eventually degrade or chip and lose its cutting edge and will need sharpening for the ceramic blade edge. Kyocera makes a fantastic ceramic knife sharpener that you will find useful for the task.

You will receive care and use instructions and a Lifetime Warranty. The quality-made blades are produced in Japan.

Kyocera Revolution Series 4-piece ceramic knife set video.

3. Ceramic Knife Set by Heim Concept, 5-Piece 

best ceramic knives
Editor's Rating

The Helm Concept ceramic knife set comes with 4 cutlery knives, sheaths to protect each one, a ceramic peeler for vegetables and fruits, and is packaged in a lovely gift box for special events and holidays. This fantastic set includes a 3-inch paring knife, a 4-inch utility knife, a 5-inch slicing knife, a long 6-inch Chef Knife with 4 protective knife sheaths for storing without getting nicks on the blades. Additionally, a peeler is included for removing skins. The handles are black and the blades are white. 

The knives never rust or add a funny taste to foods that metal knives can do being made from zirconium oxide. The razor sharp blades never need to be sharpened made of ceramic that is 12 times as hard as steel. The soft rubber coated handles are made of an ergonomic plastic and are easy to grip with “dot” impressions. 

The set comes with instructions and a Warranty valid up to 90 days from purchase. Gift-wrapping is available. 

4. Solutionelle Ceramic Chef and Paring Knife 2-Piece Set 

best ceramic knives
Editor's Rating

The Solutionelle ceramic knives arrive in their own separate sheath and stored in a beautiful black box. The Chef’s knife is 8-inches long and the paring knife is 4-inches long. These are the best ever for slicing, dicing, and chopping vegetables and fruit.

The black mirror blades and black handles are strong with the ceramic blade of 4-grade fine quality zirconia to break less often. The materials are FDA-approved. The spine of the blade is thicker, and the blade’s cutting edge is like a razor. They cut through boneless meats, vegetables, and fruit. Do not cut frozen vegetables or corn cobs. Use your metal knives for that. Ceramic does not rust. It will not react with foods to discolor the blades or leave that metallic taste associated with metal knives.

The BPA-free handle is soft to grip and is light in weight. It is attached to the blade using injection molding not toxic chemical glues. Use only on wood, bamboo or plastic cutting surfaces. Never use on marble, steel, ceramic, or bare countertops.

Be sure you buy from “Sold by Solutionelle.” If you purchase from unauthorized sellers, the Warranty will be void.® is a safe place to buy.

Gift-wrapping is available for a special occasion or loved one. You will receive a User’s Manual and a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The set is made in China.

5. VOS Professional Classic Ceramic Knife, 7-Piece Set 

Best ceramic knives
Editor's Rating

Ventura Online Shopping (VOS) provides you with this stunning and colorful set of knives made of high-end ceramic and this set is a masterpiece for your kitchen. The Chef’s Knife is red and 6-inches long, the blue utility knife measures 4-inches, and the green paring knife is 3-inches long. You will also receive a free peeler and a gift box plus a free recipe cookbook. The white blades are made of hard zirconia in a delicious colorful set. Each knife has its own same-color sheath for storing. 

The set is lightweight and super sharp and will maintain the original sharpness up to 15 times longer than steel blade knives. The ergo handles feel good and have a nice grip. The knives do not rust or leave foods brown in appearance. Acids and oils do not affect them and they are healthy to use. The knives are easy to clean with dish detergent and water, then rinse and towel dry. They do not stick to magnetic knife holders because they are not metal. The knives cut through boneless meat, sweet potatoes, cooked beets, and many more vegetables and fruits with ease. 

The set comes with instructions and a Warranty. The free cookbook is a PDF format.

Gift-wrapping is available. 

6. MioChef® Ceramic 4-Piece Knife Set with Sheaths 

Best ceramic knives reviews
Editor's Rating

The MioChef® is functional and nice to look at in the colors of red, green, yellow, and blue. They brighten up home kitchens and are stunning in the kitchens of the pros. The blades are made of zirconium ceramic and are razor sharp never becoming dull or rusty. They never need sharpening and will not become laden with bacteria.

Cut up, julienne, chop, and cube your fruits and veggies including meats with the bone out. Not suitable for cutting frozen foods; use a steel knife for that. The lightweight handles are arched for easy gripping and cutting. Hand washing only is recommended by the manufacturer.

The 8-piece set consists of 4 knives and 4 sleeves for protection. You will receive a red 6-inch Chef’s knife, a green 5-inch utility knife for slicing food and preparing, a yellow 4-inch fruit knife, and a blue 3-inch paring knife. Each knife has its own white sleeve for storing in the knife block sold separately.

This is the perfect set that comes to you in a beautifully designed gift box for special occasions and for loved ones and friends.

Gift-wrapping is available. You will have a 30-day 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. The set is made in China.

7. Ceramic Knife Set by Oliver & Kline, 3-Piece 

Best ceramic knives reviews
Editor's Rating

This small business is operated by caring people who want your satisfaction with its luxurious ceramic knife set. This set has black handles and blades and consists of a 4-inch fruit/paring knife, a 5-inch utility knife for slicing and carving, and a 6-inch Chef Knife great for thick cuts. They are made from zirconia and slice through anything. They hold their sharp edge longer. These are easy to clean and never rust. These knives are good looking, are functional, and fit well into your hand, be it right or left, and you can display them. They are packaged in their own knife-shape foam in a lovely black box for storing and not chipping. There are no individual knife sheaths. The box has a magnetic clasp for securely closing. 

The handles are made of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)—and so are your keyboard keycaps—known for its easy machining and fabrication that is lightweight and strong. The TPR (thermoplastic rubber) has deep groves to ensure a good grip with no slipping when hands are dry or wet. 

The ceramic knife comes with instructions, a Warranty and excellent customer service is provided. Gift-wrapping is available. 

8. Checkered Chef Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set 4 Piece 

Best ceramic knives reviews
Editor's Rating

This lovely and functional set has 4 knives plus a black and silver-look holder and a bonus pair of stainless steel scissors. The super sharp blades cut through many things and boneless meat. Ceramic knives are inexpensive to own and very functional. The knives are offered in 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-inch lengths. 

They will not corrode or rust and never need to be sharpened. The blade does not stick out from the handle hilt to cut you; it recesses into the handle very well. The handle has a comfortable grip, and the knives are lightweight. These are hygienic and will harbor no bacteria. 

The ceramic knives come with instructions and a 90-day Warranty. Dishwashing is not recommended and will void the Warranty. Gift-wrapping is available. 

9. The Cuisinart® Advantage 12-Piece Knife Set, Bright Colors 

Best ceramic knives reviews
Editor's Rating

The Cuisinart high-quality stainless steel knife 12-piece set comes with matching color sheaths to protect each knife. This functional set includes a 6-inch Santoku knife (Japanese for Chef Knife type), a 5-inch yellow utility knife, a 4-inch fruit knife, and a 3-inch orange paring knife. The chartreuse knife is a Chef Knife (Japanese, Santoku) that is 7-inches long. The bread knife is red and is 8-inches long and will cut your French, Italian, and any other non-sliced bread without clumps or tearing the bread apart. The slicing knife is blue and is 8-inches long. Finally, the purple knife is a Chef Knife 8-inches long. 

The non-stick coating makes for easy slicing, dicing, and cutting boneless meats, vegetables, fruits with easy-to-grip ergonomic handles. 

The set comes with instructions and a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Gift-wrapping is available. 

10. Chefcoo™ Kitchen Knife Set Plus Magnetic Strip and Sharpener 

Best ceramic knives reviews
Editor's Rating

This 9-piece ceramic-coated stainless steel set is cool! The colors are fun and the pizza and cheese knives are cutout and named into the blades. The pizza knife works! The set is gift packaged for you and a loved one. The other knives in the set are a paring, utility, slicer, yellow serrated bread knife, and Chef’s Knife. 

You can hang them up for convenience and all to see with the magnetic strip that is 11-inches long and the magnet is 9.5-inches long. Knife sheaths do not come with the set. The knives can be stored in the box they came in. The sharpener is pink and the knife goes between the two pieces. This is an excellent colorful gift for a loved one for any occasion. The handles are made of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)—and so are your keyboard keycaps—known for its easy machining and fabrication that is lightweight and strong. The TPR (thermoplastic rubber) has deep groves to ensure a good grip with no slipping when hands are dry or wet. The knife set complies with the American and European standards as well as certification from FDA, SGS, and EU (European Union). 

The ceramic knives come with instructions and an extended 1-year Warranty. Dishwashing is not recommended and will void the Warranty. Gift-wrapping is available. 

Pros—Ceramic Knives

  • Most come with sheaths for your safety and blade protection
  • Blades stay sharp for many years with proper treatment
  • Grip is good with wet hands; made for lefties too
  • Sheaths prevent nicking and cracks when stored with other utensils
  • Sheaths offer safety to put a stop to you cutting your hands
  • Hygienic, resisting bacteria
  • Lighter than steel or other metal knives, the ceramic ones will not tarnish, rust, or decay. They are not magnetic and do not conduct electricity. Acids do not harm them and they keep their cutting sharpness longer than metal knives. Do not use them for prying because they will chip or break.

Pros—Stainless Steel Knives 

  • Great balance hard grip handles
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Serrated bread knife cuts crusty breads and cakes well
  • Color coordinated protectors are great
  • Great for RVs, traveling, and picnics
  • Very sharp
  • Can be re-sharpened 

Buying Guide

You will love ceramic knifes! They are made of high-quality zirconium dioxide sharper than metal knives. The mineral naturally occurs in nature. You will have no chemical reactions with any food that will retain its natural shape, color, texture, nutrition, and fresh color. Do not confuse zirconium with zircon, the diamond substitute. The knives are lightweight, with handles in many colors and are ergonomically designed to fit your hands. Knives can be purchased as a set in wood blocks, or sets in sheaths.


  • Hand washing recommended
  • Rust-proof, stain-proof and germ resistant
  • Non-slip handles
  • Ceramic is extremely sharp
  • Silicone handles feel great and are easy to grip
  • Easier to use than electric knives

Tips and Tricks

  • Store ceramic knives in their sheath
  • Keep away from metal utensils that can chip them
  • They will break if dropped
  • Wood cutting board is the best and will not dull the blade

Final Thoughts

Ceramic knives are designed and engineered with the cook in mind. Food cutting is a breeze for maintaining the finest taste and healthful benefits. Cut the shapes you like—peel, dice, slice, cube, julienne—all vegetables, fruits, chicken, fish and meat. You will have the best ceramic knives in the marketplace at an affordable price when you read the ceramic knife reviews here.



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