Top 5 Gourmia Air Fryers: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Globally, we are witnessing a movement toward more conscious and healthy eating choices. In addition to making positive lifestyle changes, many have started opting for more health-friendly cooking agents and appliances. One such appliance is the air fryer. This compact countertop appliance lets you fry, grill, and roast with less or absolutely no oil. Using the principles of convection, it circulates hot air around the food to cook it. Gourmia, one of the trusted names in kitchen appliances, has an impressive range of air fryers. Here we have reviewed their top five air fryers, factoring in aspects such as presets and capacity.

Gourmia GAF318 

Editor's Rating

Gourmia air fryers are equipped with RadiVection 360 technology, which ensures that the turbo-heated air circulates evenly within the basket and cooks the food right through. This retains the texture of the food and ensures that the taste is not compromised. The GAF318 features an easy-to-use LED touch display with 7 preset cooking modes including bacon, shellfish, french fries, fish, poultry, steak, and cake. 

In the manual mode, the maximum temperature setting is 400F for up to 30 minutes. Further, Gourmia’s 1300 watt Express Heat System guarantees super-fast cooking. In fact, it cooks 30% faster than an oven. The basket capacity is also an important factor to consider when buying air fryers. This particular model comes with a 4-quarts (approximately 3.7 liters) basket pan and a crisper tray. The removable nonstick pan is dishwasher-safe, which makes cleaning easy and mess-free. 

All Gourmia air-fryers are ETL-certified and come with a free recipe book featuring a list of exciting recipes for everything from baking to grilling.



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This is another 5 qt air fryer from Gourmia. However, with GAF575, Gourmia offers the upgraded feature of a floating rack. This removable, stainless-steel rack increases the cooking capacity by allowing double-tiered cooking. This additional feature significantly enhances the performance of the unit. 

The fryer’s 8 one-touch presets guarantee an easy and relaxed cooking experience. As with other Gourmia models, the temperature and time controls on this may be adjusted to a maximum of 400F and 30 minutes respectively. This model also has the other characteristic features of Gourmia, such as RadiVection 360 and Express Heat System. 



Gourmia GAF265 

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In terms of features, this Gourmia model is similar to the GAF318 save for two aspects: presets and power consumption. The GAF265 comes with 8 preset modes (with an additional ‘pizza’ mode) and features a 1500 watt Express Heat System which ensures faster cooking.

All other features remain the same including the LED display, dishwasher-safe removable 4 qt basket, and the temperature-time settings. However, this model looks more compact and less rounder than their other models. 




Gourmia GAF570 

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With a basket capacity of 4.5 quarts, GAF560 can cook up to 4 pounds in one session and is perfect for family-sized meals. This model also features 8 presets, an LED display, and an easy-to-clean nonstick basket.

With a wider pan and narrowed top, this model stands apart for its look. The circular display of icons also makes for a pleasant change. 

All the other features in GAF570, including the RadiVection technology, temperature range, and time limits, are similar to that of GAF318.


Gourmia GAF560 

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Unlike other products on this list, this model features temperature and time control dials instead of an LED touchscreen. That way, this is a simple, conventional design. There are no preprogrammed cooking modes available in this model and this might be an inconvenience for those who prefer presets for cooking. However, the 5 quarts basket more than makes up for this. The high capacity makes it an ideal option for those who cook larger portions.

While the maximum temperature limit remains 400F, the timer limit is increased to 60 minutes.  

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